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ToutBay SportsToutBay Sports Content

for sports enthusiasts

Sports touts go beyond raw data about players and teams to build models that predict future performance.

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ToutBay FinanceToutBay Finance Content

for investors

Financial touts help individuals and firms make informed decisions about when and where to make investments.

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ToutBay MarketingToutBay Marekting Content

for business managers

Marketing touts go beyond raw sales data to provide consumer and marketplace insights.

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General InformationToutBay Marekting Content

for everyone

Scientists of all stripes build models of human interest. ToutBay gives scientific thinking and models wide distribution.

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Q: What is ToutBay?

ToutBay is a distributor of time-sensitive intelligence services in sports, finance, and marketing, as well as general information from the sciences.

Q: Why use ToutBay?

Information from search engines is incomplete. It fails to answer many important questions, especially questions about the future.

Q: What does ToutBay offer to people seeking answers?

ToutBay provides a fast path to time-sensitive information and intelligence. The service is available on phones, tablets, and computers.

Q: What is a Tout?

A tout is a consultant, analyst, modeler, or researcher. A tout is an expert who uses data to drive predictions.

Q: Why now?

Individuals and firms are overwhelmed by data. Making sense of those data is both an art and a science. To meet today's information challenges, ToutBay provides expertise on demand, delivering data science as a service.

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Press Releases

Greg Blence with ToutBay at 2014 useR! UCLA LA conference

ToutBay Sponsorship 2014 UseR! Conference

July 6, 2014

ToutBay at 2014 UseR! conference.

ToutBay was one of the sponsors of the 2014 International UseR! conference. The conference was held June 30 through July 3 on the UCLA campus and attracted around 700 R programmers and modelers from around the globe. ToutBay founders Greg Blence and Tom Miller were in attendance. It was good to have the opportunity to talk with hundreds of dedicated modelers about the services that ToutBay provides. And we look forward to working with many of the attendees as future touts. As the photograph of Greg shows, "ToutBay wants you." Thanks to the UseR! organizing committee and to UCLA students and staff for being such gracious hosts.

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